Supporting the troops from home so they can win the war over seas.



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The following are Board Members and  authorized  volunteers of US TROOP SUPPORT!


Board members 

Jeff Relitz   Cofounder

Linda Relitz  Cofounder

Jennifer Perry

Tracy Waltrip

Obie Oberhelman 
 Rich Berkebile
Marvin Smith
Irene Wayman
Theresa Laubscher

Brett Wren

Vicki Jones

Debbie Snow

Lisa Conrad

Judy Hotmer

Larry Oberhelamn

Loni Oberhelman 
Amy Nelson
Kelly Kirk
Erin Dart
Susan Desen
Tina Gorman
Hillary White
Pat Towles
Mary Jane Johnson
Joann Abington
Sue Moon  ( Sue's Read it  Again Books in Oak Grove, MO) 
The above  list are the  ONLY   people allowed to  collect  donations for  US TROOP SUPPORT unless it is a special event   which will be listed under  our  Upcoming events pages .  All monetary donations  should be made  online at  or mailed to     USTS  ( US TROOP SUPPORT  )     PO BOX   782 Blue Springs, Mo 64013,
or  you may  call us to make arrangments to send  hard goods donations  to our physical address  or  call for a donation pick up. Under no circumstances should any donations be given to anyone not on the above list of board members or volunteers, unless it is  at a collection site posted on our events page.  If anyone other then someone listed here  requests a donation in our name we would really appreciate you letting us know! 
The only persons allowed to represent US troop Support at any presentation, meeting or  other function  are listed  Board members and volunteers of US TROOP SUPPORT FOUNDATION.    
Our website and contents on this website is  the sole property of  US TROOP SUPPORT FOUNDATION and  is not to be copied without prior written  permission by  US TROOP SUPPORT.



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